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 The Groups & Districts
 Posted: Dec 2 2015, 10:11 AM

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The second largest racial group in any Arcadian State. Humans are the only sentient beings capable of acquiring citizenship. [cyborgs, essentially modified humans, share this right.] At birth, every human is implanted with an Individual Identification Chip (ICC) on their inner left wrist. It is illegal to tamper, alter, or remove any ICC without White Tower authorization.
Citizens are granted the power to vote, the right to hold employment for no less than the minimum working wage,and to be provided with White Tower issued citizen ammenities. These ammenities include: Medical, dental, housing insurance, housing & district placement, procreation licensing [maximum 2 per household], & social security. All ammenities subjected to approval by White Tower based on individual &/or household annual credit figures.
Human ingenuity has allowed them to master the science of artificial technology, but the majority of humankind remains strictly against the concept of sharing equality with A.I. units. While some humans may form strong attachments to their A.I., the race is still unwilling to award the same human rights to manufactured personalities. Humans continue to, for the majority, view A.I. as nothing more than tools for mankind’s benefit.
Derogatory terms for humans: “Basic”, “flesh sack”, “meat husk”.
The smallest racial group in any Arcadian State. Cyborgs are humans who have undergone prosthetic modification. Structural damage to a person’s body, loss of limb, loss of organ function - these are all common causes for prosthetic replacements. Prosthestech Corporation is the sole official distributor for any prosthetic device.
Human technological achievement has allowed for marvelous capacities in prosthetic functionality. Prosthetics are no longer crude instruments. Making use of mechanical A.I. capability, prosthetics are able to sync with an individual’s nervous system, allowing for optimal control and rehabilitation. Faux-flesh renders a flawless transition between organic and mechanical. As with all facilities in Arcadia, individual credit figures determine the level of quality in any rented device, and determine whether a client may purchase a retrofitted prosthetic or a basic apparatus.
Every prosthetic device is registered with it’s own serial number, and rented out to an individual for monthly payments. If a rental falls into default, immediate repossession of a prosthetic replacement will be issued. As such, many citizens view cyborgs as corporate rentals, a fusion between humankind and androids, making them semi-owned technology.
Derogatory terms for cyborgs: “Rental”, “chop shop”, “organic mechanic”.
The largest racial group in any Arcadian State. Every single android unit has an individual serial number located on the back of their neck and inner left wrist. It is illegal, and violates operation contract, to tamper, alter, or remove any serial number without White Tower &/or manufacturer authorization. Government management of androids falls under White Tower’s “Android Regulation Commission” (ARC). The three official manufacturers for all A.I. units are “Artifiscal Corp.”, “Futronics Inc.”, & “Synthisine Co.”.
Androids are the complete package for numan need. They encompass all the ability of on-hand personal help with all the functionality of a personal operating device. Humans are engrossed in the culture of replicant ownership. Since their initial beginnings, true A.I. has advanced by leaps and bounds, yet humankind has yet to view androids as equals, even though it acknowledges their sentient intelligence. Androids continue to hold the same rights and value as private property. As with all things, androids can be customized and purchased based on individual budgeting. Artifiscal is renowned for its professional grade A.I., top-shelf aesthetic appeal & behavorial performance, at privileged price ranges. Futronics is the work-horse and leading retailer, selling the most units with their pleasing line of capable and helpful androids. Synthesine is considered experimental and risk-taking - offering more consumer customization for individual “needs” while also being more prone to occasional system glitches.
While sharing physical and behavioral likeness to human beings, most of mankind continues to exhibit prejudiced and discriminatory views to androids. This often leads to certain tasks or jobs generally being barred from units. Positions felt only appropriately maintained by a human, such as teaching in classroom setting, are generally filled only by organics.
Derogatory terms for androids: “Tool”, “robot”, “imitation creation”.

White Tower
The control switch of every State. White Tower is the government and authority throughout Arcadia. Every tower is linked via the White Tower government network (white net) to receive and report communications to Arcadia, the capital state. White Towers will always be located at the center of every state. Each tower consists of 3 branches: Regency, Borough, & Sub-Tract. Each branch oversees management of its respective district, is isolated to the levels within it, & maintains one public access point per district. Each level consists of 10 floors. Sub-Tract maintains 1 level, Borough & Regency 5 levels, with Arcadia's White Tower maintaining an 11th floor of the Regent branch, reserved and accessed solely by His Eminence. White tower employees maintain any and all forms of judicial, legislative, and executive administration over their state. Human resources, social services, propaganda, legal administration, military, and state security are some of the many forms of governmental duties allocated within each Tower. Government forces report to, answer to, and execute orders for White Tower alone. All employees of the administration operate by a "do not ask, do not tell" mentality. Confidentiality is principle and nothing will incur a swifter investigation into a White Tower official like the hint of a leak of information and trust. Due to the nature of their sensitive employment, White Tower employees are often subject to more regularly performed investigations and examinations than any other industry. No White Tower official has personally held the privilege of sharing space with His Eminence, not beyond an incredibly small, incredibly honored few. The risk to security renders the role of Ruling Arcadia an isolated and solitary endeavor. It is not uncommon, however, for many prominent White Tower officials to boast of having held audience with His Eminence to bolster their own projected image of significance to fellow officials and citizens.
Any human (or cyborg) who resides within a State. Citizens are protected and provided for based upon their individual annual credit score and household needs. Every citizen is entitled to basic government care - White Tower issued healthcare, district housing, individual insurance policies, as well as employment wage protection. A maximum of 2 procreation licenses may be approved per household. All White Tower allocations are case-by-case configured on a citizen's annual credit annuity. Citizens of Arcadia will receive residence placement into 1 of 3 State districts: Regency, Borough, or Sub-Tract. Requests may be filed for relocation into a different sector of the same district. If a citizen's credit has fluctuated greatly enough to place him or her into another caste, district relocation may be filed or enforced based upon each case. Amendments are determined by White Tower municipal services. Citizens are entitled to apply for any and all occupational listings within the State, within 1 or all 3 districts. These occupations can be anything from White Tower employment, independent business ventures, servile labor, media stardom, medical and legal fields, educational services, etc. A citizen constitutes an individual in support and unity with the Arcadian State. Any individual demonstrating anti-citizen behavior can and will be detained by White Tower for investigation. If found to be a terrorist to White Tower and the security of the State, a detainee will be put forth on public trial where his or her citizenship will be revoked. There are no executions or criminals within Arcadia - all domains are a perfect system of order. An individual revoked of citizenship is viewed as applying for secession from the White Tower and will be duly granted it. These individuals are banned from entering any State within Arcadia.
"Security, Arms, Reconnaissance, & Surveillance" Corp. SARS is one of the nation's leading private contractor corporations. This company provides top of the line tech and trained militants and is the current government employed policing force in the Arcadia Capital. S.A.R.S., while an independent business, must hold accountability to all employers. At the same time, S.A.R.S. employees are diverse in individual scope and range - these contractors need not hold any loyalty to any other entity, nor act upon orders not issued directly from S.A.R.S. itself. The corporation may terminate a contract at any time, or hold multiple active contracts at once. While employed by the Arcadian government of White Tower, S.A.R.S. benefits from both stock market inflation as well as formal allowances in government taxation and permits. Any employee of S.A.R.S. that breaks contract with the corporation, or finds cause for termination of individual contract with the business, will be subject to due legal charges for any and all misconduct performed. Claims against the terminated employee may also be brought forth by the plaintiffs suffering from the same misconduct and negligence. S.A.R.S. contractors are hired after in-depth assessment in regards to their mental capacity to handle the job, physical capabilities to carry out their objectives, and experience in military type training and operations. Contractors are hired on from all walks of life. The range is broad enough a scope to encompass ex-White Tower, mercenaries, underground insurgent fighters, and trainees fresh from the private academies of militant corporations - ex: S.A.R.S. operated "The Forge."
The most controversial social group, insurgents are both simultaneously acknowledged and denied by both White Tower and Arcadia citizens. These "terrorists" believe that society is broken, and that those in power are corrupt and wicked. They protest openly in concern for these social issues. Insurgents operate as an underground network of independent thinkers, freedom fighters, and advocates. They voice out for "true" human rights - their cause even extending towards Android rights in certain branches. Any terrorist successfully captured is subject to "investigation and questioning" by White Tower. Insurgents may be subject to private trails at White Tower discretion for the protection of Arcadia's citizens. Upon conclusion of government trial, terrorists are often "seceded" from the State privately - White Tower maintains to ensure their protection from retaliation of citizens. Insurgents are the largest users of "The Overlay", and use it to spread anti-White Tower propaganda, informational materials, notices, exposure of lies and untruths, and communications between their own organization members. As they are hosted through The Overlay, these communications are untraceable. Insurgents fully endorse their cause against government corruption, corporate domination, and oppressed consumerism. Those involved in the organization, especially insurgents deeply invested, often occupy the Sub-Tract district. They utilize the district's chronic anti-government mentality and the difficulty White Tower maintains in overseeing Sub-Tract sectors.
Another controversial category of citizens within Arcadia. While crime and unlawful activities are punishable offenses by secession from a State, Arcadia is not free of crime lords. The most successful of criminal families are those which maintain the illusion of lawful business as a front to launder their illicit earnings. Racketeers contend with a never-ending power struggle in their professions - both outside and within their own organizations. While some of the most powerful syndicates may lobby with White Tower officials and administrators for protection, any slip in the mob's power may result in another organization's immediate rise to dominance, and the buying out of White Tower's protection from their weaker competition. It is a bloody and cut-throat business and gang wars are not an uncommon occurrence between opposing factions. While most of all crime business is handled within the Sub-Tract and lower classes of the Borough Districts, the most prominent racketeers enjoy the life of privilege in Regency Sectors, which their influx of influence and wealth can secure them. Many old monies might look down their noses at the ilk of crime lords, celebrities, and other "fly by night" fortune makers, but there are just as many in the Sectors that find a kind of fascination and excitement rubbing elbows and sharing Regency District with these dangerous sort of neighbors. Though successfully established syndicates are often cushioned upon the throne of their fortune and control, they are not without the ever-present threat of some new organization rising up to challenge their empire. However, new factions that fail in attempting to overthrow established businesses are often "offered up" by the stronger mob to S.A.R.S. in an uneasy partnership of sorts. The lesser gangs are ousted and the image of successful law enforcement is promoted within the Districts. This act can grant certain protections to crime groups from S.A.R.S. corporation. Racketeers deal in all sorts of revenues - whether selling people, protection rackets, assassinations, money laundering, illegal fighting, extortion, or dealing with narcotics, the range is wide and varying. All known narcotics on the market are: Nervona (mar.), Neon Dragon (her.), Static Dust (coc.), and Zombie (krok.). Independently operating criminals are the most vulnerable, as they lack protection and strength in numbers. Autonomous criminals must be the most careful and make the least amount of overall profit.

States are monolithic pillars of humanity, constructed upon the nuclear-blasted bones of the Old World. Each State was erected following the end of the Great Third War as a new form of progressive civilization for the survivors of war's ravages. These olympian towers provided the critically needed refuge from the post-war destruction. Able to be completely enclosed, citizens were promised salvation from the fallout of the the Third War. Each State tower is comprised of 11 levels: 5 Regency, 5 Borough, and 1 Sub-Tract. Arcadia Capital maintains a 12th level for the Arcadian Overseer, His Eminence. Each level is independently city-sized and can be as high reaching as an average high-rise building. States are engineering marvels of the technological capabilities of this new, contemporary world. States maintain massive filtration systems that control water and oxygen distribution among all three districts. Regency districts of any State are notable for the luxury of access to natural lighting and natural air. Mega-corporations provide the nutritional needs of the overwhelming populace. White Tower issued food ration stamps are dispensed to the destitute. These may be exchanged for White Tower issued "Protein Bricks" at any providing retailer. Protein Bricks are considered the modern day potato of every State. These rations can be eaten raw or prepared in a wide variety of ways. Arcadian States house archives of the prewar world - from plant and animal DNA to literature and film to history records and much more. Most is maintained in digital formatting by White Tower Administration. White Tower operates as the sole functioning governmental body nationally. Every individual residing within a State is considered a registered citizen. Every citizen is provided for by White Tower based upon individual need and annual credit review. Housing, health care, procreation licensing, and all other aspects of life are issued to each citizen via Whit Tower inspection and approval. Loss of citizenship will lose any individual the right to access any and all Arcadian States.
The uppermost district in Arcadia. Regency consists of 5 levels, all provided with natural light and ventilation of natural air both well above the threat of ground-level fallout. Regency district is the residential sector for the most affluent and prominent figures in each Arcadia State. The 5th level, highest accessible to the public, proudly maintains zoos, aquariums, gardens, and all manner of rare luxuries nearly lost in the Old World. These luxuries are otherwise unsustainable within the other two districts, both lacking Regency's natural lighting as well as fresh and natural air circulation. The district's 6th level, the highest point in Arcadia, is a private party sector only. This level is accessed solely by White Tower's highest access-granted personnel. This level is reserved personally for His Eminence. Regency is most notable for the high-living conditions of its high-profile residents. This district is often called the "Iridescent City" for its play on holographic colors over white. Everything about Regency boasts of its opulence, cleanliness, and beauty.
The middle district and most heavily populated of all three. The Borough sectors make up the commonwealth of the middle-class of Arcadia. This district is comprised of 5 levels, the top elevating into higher and higher sectors of upper middle-class as the lower levels descend into the poorest of this social rung. Borough district is often referred to as the "Cyber City" for its heavy use of neon and artificial glow to compensate for its lack of natural lighting. The world within the Borough levels always appear to be caught in a perpetual state of night, lending a sense of a city that never sleeps. The Borough district is the mecha of life within any Arcadian State, maintaining the most diverse conglomeration of citizens and businesses. Most all manufacturing occurs in this district. Overpopulation has rendered private transportation a luxury only the top echelon of the Borough sectors can afford on annual permit licenses. The vast majority utilize the mega-corporation, TransiTrek, and its public transportation services. Small-scale motors and by-foot commutes make up the remainder. The Borough's lack of natural lighting and space makes for poor conditions to maintain most varieties of plants and animals. The district makes do with low-lighting flora and mecha-pet substitutions, as most middle-class citizens are unable to afford the purchase, maintenance, and care of many types of plants and most kinds of live animals.
The slums of any Arcadian State, this district consists of 5 levels. Neglected by White Tower, these sectors are subsequently the hardest to regulate and monitor. Sub-Tract district maintains the highest percentage of unemployed citizens and largest number of people living below the poverty line. Half of the citizens residing in the lowest 2 levels of Arcadia live within hovels unregulated and unregistered to their person. Crime, vandalism, and Anti-White Tower propaganda is uncontrolled and can seldom be contained. Sub-Tract sectors stationed closest to the White Tower Administration benefit from State distributed power supplies. However, sectors branching out too far from the center of the district must often find other means of syphoning power in order to have it reach all other sector quadrants. This is most important for lighting when considering that this district lacks any form of daylight. Residents manage resourceful ways of illuminating their otherwise night-like world. Sub-Tract is often referred to as "The Forgotten City" or simply "The Slums." The Arcadian black markets thrive in the lowest district, and the Insurgent controlled "Underworld" carries on with operations in these poorly monitored sectors. Despite its suffrage, The Sub-Tract maintains the closest community ties of any district, boasting a fiercely loyal communal attitude that looks out for its own. It is loosely rumored that there are secret access points leading in and out of Arcadia to The Barrens from the lowest levels of the Sub-Tract district.
The inhospitable wastelands stretching from horizon to horizon. Blasted away with nuclear devastation, this is all that remains of the Old World. The worst of the radiation has subsided but it is still considered a very real hazard to attempt traversing the Barrens without the proper equipment. The wastes are considered uninhabitable and are the lands awaiting any individual revoked of Arcadia citizenship. Folk-tales suggest that there are things that walk the wasted skeletons of the prewar wastes. These are often told to frighten Arcadian children. It is also used as a scare tactic to encourage compliant behavior among citizens. Some rumors, however, suggest that people banned from the States survive out in the Barrens, and even claim that not all areas of the wasteland are unlivable. These rumors are quashed by White Tower loyalists and discouraged from spreading. Arcadian waste is filtered out of the city and jettisoned out into the Barrens. These access points are stationed at two of the only three official gateways into and out of the State. Two located on the Eastern and Western quadrant of the Sub-Tract's lowest level and the third from the Southern gate of Borough District's second level.


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